👽✌️ Peace Out ✌️👽

About Me (˘︶˘).。.:*♡

25 • he/they • nb transboy • bi • ace • taken 💕
infj • hufflepuff • libra
artist • college graduate

I draw my original characters and fanart. I'm in a variety of fandoms as well. I'm a very shy person and suffer from social anxiety so it's very hard for me to start conversations, but if you would like to talk to me, feel free! I almost always respond to every message I get as long as I am able to. (๑•́ ω •̀๑)


•terf / swerf / truscum / transmed / gender critical
•anti lgbt+
•aphobic / think ace/aros aren't inherently lgbt+
•identify as or support those who identify as pan/bisexual lesbians
•pedophile / map / nomap
•ddlg / little space / cgl(re) / kink & porn accounts
•racist / nazi / anti semitic / islamophobic
•incel / misogynist
•anti anti
•fujoshi / fudanshi
•true crime community


•persona (3-5)
•fire emblem
•demon slayer
•my hero academia
•little witch academia
•the umbrella academy
•good omens
•steven universe
•assassin's creed
•outer worlds
•dragon age
•final fantasy
•kingdom hearts
•mass effect
•elder scrolls
•and lots of other things (♡°▽°♡)


•futaba sakura (p5)
•bernadetta von varley (fe:3h)
•chiaki nanami (dr)
•rapunzel (tangled)
•harley quinn (dc)
•kanao tsuyuri (kny)
•vanya hargreeves (tua)
•aerith gainsborough (ff7)
•entrapta (she ra)
•pink pearl (su)
•peter parker (marvel)
•fuuka yamagishi (p3)
•anna (frozen)
•sakura haruno (naruto)
•sayori (ddlc)
•tohru honda (fruits basket)

i kin for fun, so i don't mind doubles! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡